Sweet Girls

I took a few pics of the girls the other day in their room.
The majority of these pics are of Leyla because most of the ones of Jo were blurry :).



One of the things I love about living here is the seasonal fruits and veggies.
Every week at the produce bazar I can look forward to seeing
something newly coming into season,
something else coming into prime season,
and other things moving out of season and subsequently really cheap.

It's fun to have fruit and veggie recipes to pull out once a year.
Today I made a peach cobbler.
Sorry, no picture. It was gone too fast.

Right now cherries are pushing out of season.
These are some from last week.
We love them and have been eating them more since getting a handy dandy cherry pitter.

Late Birthday

My husband is wonderful.
For my birthday (the day after his) he planned a fun picnic with some friends.
He made the boogers, I mean burgers, and homemade onion straws.
One sweet friend made some yummy pasta salad and another
made some kebabs and a delish cheesecake to top it all off.
You can see the pictures here.
It was also fun to have Aunt Suzanne here to celebrate with us.

The kids decorated sugar cookies.

Leyla made a friend.
(Sort of, I had to pick her up right after this picture was taken to save her from pinches)

Josh made a friend. 
K, don't look!

The food table.

The kids table.

And Jo stuffing her favorite food in her mouth, pasta!



Jo: Daddy, let's go on a picnic.
Josh: OK, what should we eat?
Jo: Some boogers.
Josh: Really? What kind of boogers?
Jo: Some hand boogers.
Josh: Oooh. What's in the hand boogers?
Jo: Some haaand. And some cheese.

I feel very trusted as a parent if that's really what Joanna thinks a hamburger is and she is still willing to eat it when we give it to her :).

And Jo with a Hat

This is Jo at the same age with a little hat.
I had a closer up picture but I can't seem to find it.
I think they resemble each other,
but are definitely not the same.



Meet Fish.

A friend at a pet store down the street gave Joanna Fish.
We asked her what she wanted to name it numerous times and all we got
was fish (in english and in the local language).

I don't think I realized how dirty fish can be.
I am not a fan of pets, especially when you have a two year old and 4 month old
human that need a lot of cleaning and attention,
but what am I to do?
I was having vary conflicting feelings (freaked out, hopeful, sad, freaked out)
the other day when I was cleaning his bowl and he (or she) flipped out into the sink.
Josh had to come to the rescue.
Recently I moved him to a bigger bowl in hopes I will have to clean it less often.
I also mentioned to Josh that putting little rocks in the bottom might help.
Then he came home with some.
Evidently when they stopped by the pet store on the way home the other day
Jo saw some pretty pebbles and asked our friend if she could have some in the local language,
they were so impressed they gave them to her. 

If you live close and are looking for a family pet let me know.