There has been a lot going on in the life of our big girl as of late.
This past weekend she went for a sleepover at R, one of her bestie's houses.
(which since she has been back she has been talking NONSTOP about anything and everything)

Lucy (her doll) came with.

When she got home the next night, 
we asked her if she wanted to sleep without her beloved paci, 
like her friends R and V sleep without a paci.
She said yes and made it the whole night without it, and hasn't had it since.
She has asked for it once or twice and we have told her she is a big girl and doesn't need it.
She then says, "No, I'm little".
Melts my heart.
If you ask her what she now sleeps without she will say R (her friend) and her paci.

We have also had trouble with out balance the past few days.
She fell in the hallway into a doorpost on sunday and got this shiner.
A little ice and a few songs made it better.
Then on Monday she fell in the living room onto the edge of a wooden chair and got a parallel shiner.
Today we were at the playground and she fell going up the stairs and bumped her forehead again.
This time no shiner. 
At least not one that showed up over the others.
Maybe her feet are growing?

And finally yesterday we were passing by the hair salon I go to and she got a impromptu haircut.
The lady asked if we wanted anything done and I initially said no,
but then looked at Jo and asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut.
Her eyes got really big and she said, "Yes!"
She hopped into the chair and sat fairly still as the lady cut her hair.
The only time she spoke during it all was to ask me if they could use, "that thing too",
referring to the hair dryer.
They did.
She was quite happy.
I'll try to get a picture of the new 'do soon.

Sigh. Time flies.


Can you take our picture?

 As we were playing the other day Jo asked if I could take her picture with Leyla.
I happily agreed.

Quite the pose huh?


Look Mommy! A Camel!

We had a picknic at a horse farm tonight 
and as we walked up Joanna ran to the fence and said, 
"Look mommy! A camel!"
Oh dear. 
She did get to ride one of those "camels" by the end of the evening and quite enjoyed herself.
Sorry for no pictures.
We brought the camera and and extra battery but both batteries were dead.
To give you a visual picture she was wearing jeans, 
brown boots and a white t-shirt with a pink headband.
She was led around a ring on a grey horse and had a huge smile on her face.


Spin Spin Spin SPIN!

The windup

And start spinning



Who is Who?

One is Jo.
One is Leyla.
Same age (ish).
Same outfit.
Which is which?


Leyla Beach

Not loving the water so much

And still not

Daddy to the rescue

Day 3 & 4 - Beach