No Pictures

Sorry guys, no pictures on this post. Our computer that does pictures is out of commission right now.
But we are here, and we're doing well for the most part.

A couple notes about this past week, and life in general:

-Leyla is trying to crawl (up on all fours rocking). I told her she's not allowed. The house is not baby-proofed yet.

-Joanna may have trouble with motion sickness. We took a 2.5 hour bus ride and she may have lost her breakfast during it. Twice. Fortunately on the ride back we didn't have any more mishaps.

-Speaking of the bus ride, Leyla is a ham. She was cheesing it up and had most of the bus entertained for the trip back home.

-Our family loves fresh green beans. I'll have to post a recipe soon. It uses pepper paste (kind of like tomato paste but with pieces of red peppers.) Is that sold in the states?

-Our friends think we are crazy for the "little" amount of bread that we consume each day. People here eat bread with pretty much every meal. Our doorman jokes with us about it a lot. If we don't buy it from him in the morning he asks, "Why? Are you not going to eat today?"

-We have been out strolling around most evenings this past week and it's felt great. Everyone is outside in the evenings with the nice weather. It's a lot of fun.

-Joanna loves to excersise. There is excersise equipment at the park across the street and when we walk into the park she goes straight for it. Not the swings. Not the slides. The excersise equipment.

That's all that comes to mind at the moment.