In Between

Jo is trying to fill Aunt Suzanne's shoes.

My whole extended family (mom's side and dad's side) was sweet to come
and hang out one afternoon and evening.
Sorry the picture is a little dark.

Again, trying to follow in Aunt Suz's footsteps.

Jo made some fall cookies with Granna and Suz.


Go Wolfpack!

We got to go to a football game with both our wonderful sets of parents.
Jo LOVED it.
She now periodically looks at us and throws up her wolfpack sign and says "Go Wolfpack!"
She talks about all the kids (football players) that were playing and how we say, "get him",
and they knock them down.
She's quite animated.
We were at Josh's church and as the choir director was directing the choir Jo looked
at the directors hands, turned to me and said, 
"Look mommy! She's saying go Wolfpack!"
She was right.


Lake Trip (1st week of Vaca in the US of A)

*Disclaimer: This post has a LOT of pictures, but I just couldn't choose.
I also couldn't choose which pictures to make big.
If there are any that are smaller that you would like to see bigger you can just click on the pic.

Jo and Granpa checked out the flying squirrel in the birdhouse.

I don't know who she got this look from.

Granna, granpa and Aunt Suz gave us a synchronized swimming show.

Then Jo joined in.

Jo liked going fast.

Josh got some rest.


Things to Remember

Joanna definitely has a little personality and we love it.
Some quotables lately are:

When we were going through customs in the US Jo heard a lady talking and looked at us
and said: That lady is speaking english.
Josh: Yes, in america everyone speaks english.
As we were sitting in baggage claim Joanna yells at the top of her lungs
(which thankfully isn't very loud)
"Everybody speaks English! Everybody speaks English!!"

In the bathroom at the same airport a nice older lady says, "Aren't you cute. Where are you going?"
Jo looks back and says earnestly, "To America"

The other day at a seat yourself burrito place we walked in and Jo promptly walked up to
the lady behind the counter and says, "Do you have a playground?"
I guess we have frequented Chick-fil-a too much.

Josh and granpa took Jo and Leyla through the car wash. Leyla started crying,
and Jo looked at Josh and with increasing volume said, "I think this makes me cry too!!"
and ended with a wail.

And lastly, Jo and granpa were playing hide and go seek, and this was Jo's first hiding place:

She came up with that one all by herself :).


We're here!

Lots going on, so not much time to blog.
Not to worry though, there are lots of pictures being taken.
They will make their way to the blog soon :).