New Traditions

As you may remember from last year,
the day after Thanksgiving we went and hung out at some local ruins with friends
for a picnic and some fun.
We continued the tradition this year and had a blast!
This year we trekked to the stadium.

And the fun began...

Over here! I'm open!

Up the hill...

And back down.

Picnic time!



We had thanksgiving at our house this year, which was a lot of fun.
I really enjoyed decorating a bit.
I got to break out the tablecloth my mom sent for my birthday.

The pretty pomegranate made it's appearance.

As well as the HUGE turkey that our friends so kindly cooked.

The kids made turkeys out of apples, toothpicks, and various other supplies.

Here's the kid's table.
They also all made place-mats beforehand and we put them under a clear tablecloth at their places.

Here's the adult table.
Look at Josh's plate of food.

Here is my wonderful hubby where he spent a lot of time thanksgiving day.
He was so kind to clean dishes and let me do the fun things like decorate
or do activities with the kids.

This one is self-explanatory.

The day ended with pumpkin pie, pecan pie, ginger cookies with cream, apple cider, hot tea...
and Settlers of Catan.
We put all the kids down at our house and played into the night.
We are addicted.

We are such party animals.


The Ranch

We visited Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, and had a blast.
They have Zebras, Giraffes, Water Buffalo, Pot Belly Pigs, and on and on.
We took a hay ride through the ranch and the animals come up and eat the food
from your hand.
Then afterwards we went to the petting zoo area.
It's a really cool place.
We would highly recommend it.

Here's Josh, Pop, Janna and Jo looking at the giraffes.

Feeding the Water Buffalo? Look at that tongue. Gross.

We didn't miss the horses, I mean camels.

Petting the sheep.

Feeding the goats. 
Notice the progression.


Yerim Seni

We hear this phrase a lot around here. 
It southern English it loosely means,
"I could just eat you up!" 

Yesterday while Jo was asleep and I was supposed to be 
studying language I had a little photo shoot with Leyla. 
I mean who can study with cuteness like this around?



Pomegranate - The Pretty Fruit

Before moving overseas I feel like pomegranate was really getting to be an "in" fruit.
I never really ate it fresh in the states, only in things like drinks.
I was also intimidated by the way it looked.
However, here in our country pomegranate is everywhere.
We drive past groves all the time and our neighbors have trees in their gardens.

I tasted it once or twice but I couldn't get past the seeds.
I don't like blackberries or raspberries either.
Recently, our babysitter gave us some from her garden,
and I didn't want to waste them so I bit the bullet and shelled them.
This helped.
Isn't that red gorgeous?

Aaannnnddd... I found a way I LOVE it.
In cereal.
We are big cereal eaters around here.
There isn't much variety to choose from,
so I always go with Nesfit and add raisins.
It tastes just like raisin bran.
But pomegranate, WOW.
I don't notice the seeds because the cereal is crunchy, 
and it gives such a pop of flavor in every bite.
And it's pretty.

Jo wanted some in her cereal too.

And then decided she didn't like it.

Just for fun I also made these cookies that I saw on a blog.
I liked the cookies.
Not the pomegranate in them.
Who wants things stuck in their teeth after eating chocolate cookies?

Jo liked the dough, despite her despondent facial expression.

There we go.