Last Minute Homemade Gift Idea

A bag of course!

This one was super quick to whip up,
and can be made any size you want.
I just put two pieces of fabric together,
right sides facing each other,
pinned the straps inside,
sewed around the outside leaving a little hole,
flipped it right side out and sewed up the sides.
I added a closure and two lines of stitches at the top for fun.

Jo put her books in hers.


Who would have known?

That  when Josh bought this jacket in college it would eventually
be used to stash diapers in?
I love that man.



Tis the Season

The first mountain snow of the season,

Spiced Apple Toddy scenting up the house,

sweet music ticking our ears,

the decorations all up,

And baby Jesus tight in Mary's arms.

Jo's Tree

If you ask Jo, the Christmas tree is hers.
She decorated it all. by. her. self.
And did a great job I might add.




Aunt Nell's

These are some of the last pics from the states.

Golf Tournament



Leyla met her 2nd cousin James while we were in the states.
They were quite the pair.