In the winter, at least once a week, this is how you can find our living room. 
We have several floor cushions that we pull into the living room and let the girls run wild.
They love it.

Christmas Time is Coming


Day After Thanksgiving

We had our annual day after thanksgiving festivities as well.
I didn't get many pictures.
The camera was out at the beginning of the day and then when things got rolling it sat in the bag.



I didn't get any group shots this year, but I did take a picture of my plate.
I'm getting hungry looking at it.

The kids made apple turkeys and colored to pass the time before dinner.

Even Leyla got in on the fun.
I put her toothpicks in for her and she put the cheerios and candy on.
(about half of the supplies went in her mouth though)

Working Out With the Girls


Movie Night

After dinner the other night I told the girls we could watch a movie and eat some popcorn.
They were SO excited.
They immediately ran into the living room and sat like this.
I could just eat them.


Old Town

About a month ago we visited another coast city and checked out the part of old town.


Where are Jo and Leyla?

I was in the kitchen working on something and didn't hear the girls,
so I went looking for them and found this :).

There they are!


Joanna Says

Joanna: When I get a mommy I'm going to live in a different house from you and daddy. Because childrens don't live in the same house with their mommy and daddy.
Me: Well you don't have to live in another house. Most children choose too, but you could stay with us.
Joanna: I will choose too. And I can Skype with you!


Hide and Seek with Leyla

Jo and Leyla and I played hide and seek the other night.
Leyla is really getting the hang of it.



Our upstairs neighbor wanted me to make a local soup mix with her this year.
Here is the process in pictures.

3 weeks later...

Next day...