These pictures are not of friends, but this post is appropriately titled friends.

Let me explain.

We did a lot of driving together with friends after Christmas in a big 10 passenger van.
The drives through the countryside are just gorgeous, 
and one of the things I love about one of the drives is all of the 
spindly trees filled with mistletoe in the middle of huge fields with 
snow-capped mountains in the background. 
I had this great idea that we should stop and do a photo shoot.
After some coaxing, we loaded all 4 kids out of their car seats and started heading towards a tree.
Well, it turns out that these beautiful fields are mostly just mud,
and the brush was full of prickles.
Needless to say it took us a good while to get all the mud off of our shoes and our kids shoes.
It wasn't one of my brightest ideas, but Josh and our friends were quite the troopers.
Thank you guys!!


Post Christmas Vacation Picture Dump

No explanations, but enjoy!


This Kid

I just love her.