Jo's Birthday Gift

Jo and Leyla got a table and chair for Christmas,
and for Jo's birthday I made her a fabric stove-top to fit over top of the table.
I didn't want to buy a kitchen that would stay out all the time,
I wanted something that would easily pack away.
I contemplated long and hard thinking about how I could add a sink to it,
but for lack of a good idea so just has counter space next to the stove.

The knobs turn thanks to my friends down at the jean-button shop.
I had them put some spinning metal buttons on and I glued the plastic buttons on top.

The corners are fitted with elastic.

The counter space gets a little messy at times.

Jo's quite the pro at making tea.

Leyla likes cooking too.
She opened this pot, put the spoon in and banged it around, 
took to spoon out and put the top back on for 30 minutes straight.


Having 4 Kids is a Cinch

We got to hang out with our kids plus 2 this past weekend.
Look at these angels.
I can assure you this is what they did ALL weekend ;).

All the big kids wanted the same hair-do.

Lots of jumping took place.

There was also some park action mixed in.

The 4 munchkins:
Poor E with the 3 gals.

Leyla got lots of love over the weekend.




Take 4

Sad day, Lelya's toes popped through one of my favorite sleepers.

Hide and seek.
Jo wanted Leyla to hide with her, and in order to keep from tears 
I suggested she give her crackers to keep her sitting still. 
It worked for a while.



The Past Take 2

A street flower vendor gave this flower to Jo one day as we were out and about.
And it made it home in one piece (with some help from mom and dad).

 This is a dress my mom made for me as a baby and I put it on Leyla for a little photo shoot.


This Week's in the Past

I have several pictures that I planned to blog, but never did,
so this week I will blog a few a day from a while back.
I think these were last summer?

Maybe the cool metal felt good on her gums?
I think I tried to get her to stop.
I can't remember for sure...

Jo LOVES to "wash her hands", 
which means spend 30 minutes playing with water and get wet from head to toe. 


Joanna Says

Me: Jo, go brush your teeth. It's about time for bed.

I continue with cleaning the kitchen, finish up and go check on Jo.

I see the bathroom rugs rolled up in the hallway and Jo wandering around.

Me: Jo, why are the rugs rolled up in the hallway?

Jo: I thought you might want to sweep.



Adventures of Rapunzel Joanna

Rapunzel Joanna, let down your long hair!

Whenever we play Rapunzel (which is a lot here lately), Joanna is always Rapunzel,
Josh or I are always the boy (Eugine)
and Leyla is the "little man" (the little man that wears a diaper and dresses up like cupid).

The little man is attacking!!


Thank You!

Thank you Granna, Granpa, Gran and Pop for all the Valentines goodies!

Happy Valentines Day!!