Leyla's Birthday

We celebrated Leyla's birthday when we got back from the big city.
This cake says "Happy Birthday Leyla".

Complete with sparklers

Didn't quite get the candle blown out by herself, but had some help from friends.

And she didn't like the cake.
This girl prefers meat.

But others enjoyed it


A (unusual) Day in the Life of Jo

Jo has lots of energy. Lots.
We went touring around a bit with Josh's fam one day and she was non-stop,
all day long.
I was very impressed with her all her running and climbing.
Here's a glimpse.



Smile Leyla!

 I know this is a lot of similar pictures, but I am horrible at choosing so here is a lot.
Feel free to choose your favorite.



Gezing no. 4

Getting in a little exercise


Joanna Says

Tonight at dinner:

"When I get a mommy and William is a daddy we are going to have a baby Jesus. And I am going to rock him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And we are going to have some children too."

A little explanation:

1. When Jo was little (early 2ish) I asked her who she was going to marry and her father suggested our friend's little boy William. Since then she has been convinced. If you ask her who William is she will say, "I don't know".

2. She wants a baby brother and wants to name him baby Jesus. I think this came about around Christmas time. Coincidence? We told her if she ever has a baby brother his name will not be Jesus. I guess she decided to name her own son that instead. I would assume only if William agrees.

3. She loves the book "I Love you Forever" by Robert Munch. Hence the back and forth.

4. My guess is that the children comment is referring to children other than baby Jesus. I guess she wants more than one.

Gezing No.3

The ferry

Leyla made a new friend.

Jo made one too.



Gezing (Walking About)

Some wonderfully useful words just don't translate.
There is a word here that can mean anything from going to visit a friend
to shopping, taking a walk, touring or anything done leisurely outside of the house.
That's what we did in the big city.