Movie Night!

In case you were wondering it was Toy Story 2, quite the hit.


New (to us) Rug

We got a new rug!
We moved about a month and a half ago, 
and our space was a little different so we switched things up.
We found this beauty at a second hand store.
It is gorgeous and hand made, in great condition...

except for this!

We didn't notice it until we got it home.
It was dark in the second hand store and our friend, the owner,
assured us it was in great condition and he was giving us a great deal :).
I guess someone had a plastic table cloth on top of the rug and then put down a hot pot.
Any ideas for getting melted blue and white plastic out of a rug or for covering it up?


No Stool? No Problem.

Remember that bath tub?
This one is all Joanna.



Breakfast Convo

Jo: A couple of months ago me and mommy and Leyla played with some balls outside!
Daddy: I think that was a couple of weeks ago.
Jo: No, a couple of MONTHS ago.
Daddy: We haven't even lived here for a couple of months.
Jo: But it was a couple MONTHS ago.
Daddy: Joanna, who knows better, daddy, or Joanna?
Jo: Mommy.



We had quite the easter candy supply thanks to friends and family.
We even got to share with friends.
Thank you all for loving us so much!


10:30 PM - The Beginning of a Long Night

The night before the road trip.


Road Trip

We took a 7 hour road trip the other week.
The girls did great.
We were able to make a few stops on the way which helped.

Quick story:
We were riding along and realized we were low on gas.
We saw signs for a gas station, 
and passed two gas stations that were on the left 
(there was a huge median that wouldn't allow us to get over) 
and the console kept counting down the kilometers left before we would run out of gas.
We finally reached one on the right,
pulled in and asked the attendant for gas.
No gas, just diesel.
We had 23 kilometers left and the next gas station on our road was 30 km away.
According to the attendant there was one in a little village about 10 km up the road.
After asking several people on the side of the road we finally found it with just a few km to go,
but it made for a slightly stressful few minutes :).



It's strawberry season here.
On Wednesdays we normally go to our weekly produce bazar in the mornings,
and we pick up gözleme and bring it home for lunch.
Gözleme is a quesedillia-like thing that can be filled with cheese,
potatoes, zucchini, or even meat.
My favorite is zucchini.
A coke tops it off quite nicely.





The Whole Lot

We've finally mastered the sippy cup.


Our spring desktop photo.

Sweet girls.

Look, a snail shell!


Catch Practice

We might need to work on catching a little more.
You can't keep your eye on the ball when your eyes are closed.


Little Friends

Nothing like a finger in the ear, eh?



Dying Eggs

Jo and dad enjoyed a little egg salad afterwards.

They have changed a little bit since last year, huh?