Joanna painted the paper beautifully.

Leyla painted the paper, the table and herself beautifully.

Our 60 yr. old neighbor was there for most of the action and quite enjoyed the show.



We went out on the town as a fam the other night and brought the camera along.

A little over excitement on Jo's part :)

Loving on daddy


A little dancing on the sidewalk

Some really yummy ice cream to top off the pizza

Jo and her friends treat this place like a stage when we go.
We always get shows as we eat our ice cream.
The ice cream guys love it :).

And they love Leyla.
This might be her third cone?
She walked up to the counter after she finished her first and a customer gave her an empty cone.
She then proceeded to walk around until she could see the guy behind the counter 
and she held her cone up and grunted. 
She got some ice cream to go in it.
When she finished that one she headed up again, 
but we didn't let the guys give her a third helping of ice cream. 
They did however give her an empty cone,
which she didn't really want so Jo ate.



Waking Up

Big sis waking little sis up


Day in the Village

Some sweet friends invited us to the village for the day and we jumped at the opportunity.
Jo and I helped pick the garden.

Eggplant anyone?

Little yellow plums were quite the hit.
Leyla only ate one pit.

Mugg shot progression:

Ring around the rosies,
Pocket full of posies,
Ayşe, Ayşe, we all fall down!

More from the garden...

The fowl

The white turkeys are american turkeys.
The evidently get much bigger than the local black turkeys.

The pack of chickens that got chased.
I am sure it's not called a pack, dad, you can correct me on that. A flock? Gaggle?

It was a great day (and yes, we rigged Leyla's cars eat into a chair for dinner)!


We're Back

(for those of you that knew we were gone)

We also have about a million pictures, so they will be coming up soon.


Dinner at the Hintons

Here's another video from a little while back


Sewing Machine

We are doing a revamp with our pictures on our computer, so here is a video for you.
Can you tell Jo has been helping me do some sewing?