Movie Night

After dinner the other night I told the girls we could watch a movie and eat some popcorn.
They were SO excited.
They immediately ran into the living room and sat like this.
I could just eat them.


Old Town

About a month ago we visited another coast city and checked out the part of old town.


Where are Jo and Leyla?

I was in the kitchen working on something and didn't hear the girls,
so I went looking for them and found this :).

There they are!


Joanna Says

Joanna: When I get a mommy I'm going to live in a different house from you and daddy. Because childrens don't live in the same house with their mommy and daddy.
Me: Well you don't have to live in another house. Most children choose too, but you could stay with us.
Joanna: I will choose too. And I can Skype with you!


Hide and Seek with Leyla

Jo and Leyla and I played hide and seek the other night.
Leyla is really getting the hang of it.