Decking the Tree

I realize it is now after Christmas, but this is what we did before Christmas.


2 Teeth!

Right around 6 months

Where's Timothy?


Snack Lunch

The girls love "snack lunch", where I give them peanut butter, nutella, crackers, 
fruit, raisins and a knife and let them have at it. 
It doesn't happen super often.
You can see why below :).





The other morning the Leyla found a rag and started dripping water on the floor.
And things progressed from there...

It gave me an excuse to actually clean the floor :).



Fall in a Bowl

I made Pumpkin Carrot soup the other night.
I found it on a blog and it tasted just like fall to me.
Josh didn't care for it, but I LOVED it.
Here is the recipe.
I used dried ginger instead of fresh, and fresh pumpkin instead of canned.
I didn't even cook the pumpkin beforehand, just tossed it in there since it is pureed in the end.




Leyla was teaching us the other night about when Jesus flew.
In my previous readings I must have missed that part.


Fajita Night

Everybody loves fajita night at our house!
(and yes, we buy plain yogurt in 5lb tubs)


Sweet Kiddos

The other day Timothy didn't want to be put down and the girls were watching TV,
so I asked Jo if she would hold him while she watched.
They were really quiet for a while, and when I checked I found this.
Jo had no idea he fell asleep :).


Making Do

We ran out of Dora bandaids, and to avoid tears we made do :).


Couch Pictures

I often get requests of "take our picture!",
so we end up with lots of these sort of pictures.


Day Out

We took a day out a while back to a town not too far away known for hand weaving.
We couldn't pass up this beautiful door for a little photo op :).




The girls' dad has been teaching them a few things.
This was evident the other morning in Leyla and my breakfast conversation.
(not the same morning this video was taken)

Leyla: Mommy, why you put raisins in you oatmeal?
Me: I just thought it would be good that way.
Leyla: No, you say how me roll.


Rounding it out

Rounding out our vaca events, 
we stopped at a historic, tree lined road to play and take some pictures 
and had a delightful breakfast at a restaurant by a river.
It was really one of the best breakfasts I have had here.
Jo and Leyla were mildly cooperative with the picture taking, 
but really enjoyed playing in the dirt.


Beach #2

After our not so successful first beach, we tried another.
This one had less bees, and happened to be a kite surfing beach.
It was fun to watch the surfers and play in the sand.


Toes in the Sand (and Water)

This is little guy's first trip to the beach.
I really wasn't trying to get his feet in the water.
It was quite cold, as you can see from his reaction :).



We squeezed in a quick, 1 night family vaca the other week before the weather turned cold.
The pictures make it look gorgeous, which it was, but in the interest of full disclosure,
it was really windy, the beach was small and crowded,
and there were bees all over the sand.
I don't know why, maybe the water was washing them up?
Leyla got stung on her foot within 5 minutes of being there.
The lady next to us tried to reassure us saying that they were not dangerous, just honey bees,
that her daughter had been stung 6 times.
Not reassuring.
Despite all that, we really did have a good time.
It's just nice to hang out with the family.