Story Time

We went to story time at a local library and I think I mildly expected a
n older lady sitting down and reading books in a soft voice. 
This one was not so.
A middle aged man with shaggy hair and a miniature guitar jumping around a lot is what we found.

Leyla wasn't so sure about it all.

Then she lost interest and started showing off her belly.

Finally we got worn out.



They had a kid's program at a local museum and the girls got to check out some animals.


Lake Park

There is a small lake with a park that we visited the other day.

Walking like the ducks
Love those legs Leyla

Telling me something I'm sure


Better Late than Never

These are the pics of Jo's first day of School back in January.
No, it was not Leyla's first day of school, she was just really excited for her sister.
Or she's a ham.


Jo's Birthday

Jo went to school on her actual birthday, 
but we had pancakes with sprinkles and opened a few presents before she left. 
Such a big girl!

Leyla was a little confused that the presents we picked out for Joanna were for Joanna and not her. :)


Anniversary Trip

Josh and I were able to get away for a few nights without the kids over our anniversary this year.
It was cold, but the B&B was warm, the blue ridge parkway was beautiful, 
and the bluegrass and bar-b-q was yummy!


New Year's Eve Game

We were able to go to a State game on New Years Eve, thanks to my uncle.
Fortunately this is was when State was still winning ballgames :). 
Jo was super excited about Mrs. Wolf, right up until she got close to her.
Granna and Granpa took her to go see Mrs. Wolf and when she got back she said, 
"I didn't cry when I saw her."
She also loved the cheerleaders and trying to imitate them.
Leyla just loves her daddy and her paci.