Krispy Kreme

On Leyla's actual birthday we were travelling, 
but in the spirit of tradition we stopped by Krispy Kreme for a birthday doughnut.
Last year we were in the big city and instead of cake we sprung for doughnuts,
so it only felt right to make the trip this year as well.
We sang happy birthday,

enjoyed our doughnuts,

and watched more being made.

Happy birthday Leyla!!


Leyla's Birthday Party

Leyla had a sweet birthday party this year with both sets of grandparents.
Jo was excited to bring Leyla her cupcake.

I'm 2!

The whoopie cushions made an appearance.

I took the opportunity to do a mini shoot of some of the cousins.


Great Wolf Lodge

My parents treated us to a weekend at the great wolf lodge and the kids loved it.
Even the big ones :).

Jo is on the left. Josh is on the right.

Jo gave it 2 thumbs up.

Leyla wanted to give it two thumbs up.

And with a little help from her sister...

she got it!


Birthday Party

We went to our cousin James's birthday party a few weekends ago.

The birthday boy

This is right before she insisted on getting off and riding in the carriage.
I ended up being very thankful as this carousel was not for sissies.
It went FAST.


Pretty Girl

We have a bit of a photo backlog, but in the meantime here is one of our big girl.