Merry Christmas!

From our house to yours...



Rainbow Steps

We were driving around recently with some friends and saw some rainbow steps.
We of course had to stop and take some pictures. 
These were impromptu, so you get our kids in their natural state :).

This one I call the chokehold. Can you tell why?


Joanna's Dance

Joanna did a dance at her school.
She was so super excited. 

Joanna with her teacher

This kids was not so excited about the show.
Or the pink.
One or the other.


Go Pack!

Showing our support for the pack after that convincing win the other day!



Fall is in full swing here. Leyla has been waiting a while for the leaves to change. The girls have been reading through the Berinstein Bears Book of Science and Nature and learned about the seasons. Thus, they associate fall with colorful leaves. This past weekend we enjoyed the weather and, in the girls book, the official start of fall with golden trees.

Joanna wanted to make a leaf pile and jump in it. I don't know if people here do that or not, but we went for it, and some other kids joined us. A lot of other people just stared :). 



Leyla is out little accessorizer. I asked her to take off the glasses before we left the house.


Checking out the Cats

Timothy and his sister doing some cat watching out their window today.


Joanna has come home with homework some and the girls have enjoyed working on it together.


Cats (and Dogs)

This guy is crazy about cats and dogs. Fortunately we live in a country where there are LOTS of them. :)


Mr. Daring

He wants to do whatever big sisters are doing.

Where's the toilet paper?

This morning Leyla and I were in the bathroom and Leyla asked, "where is the toilet paper?" I said, "I don't know". As if on cue Timothy came trotting in with a long trail dragging behind him. Oh toddlers. 

How We Roll

This is on the way home from the produce bazar yesterday. Leyla was disappointed because we were going home and not to someone else's house, and Tim was in major need of a nap. He also took his shoes and socks off. We get quite the looks with this stroller, all 3 kids riding, and loaded down with groceries. Pretty much everyone we pass asks if all 3 kids are mine. I smile and say yes :). They are such blessings to josh and me. We are thankful for our little crew! And I won't be skipping nap to take them to the bazaar again anytime soon :).


Bread making

Leyla joined our neighbors making bread today on our roof. 


This One

With Joanna going to school, I have been hanging out with this kiddo more lately. She's a fun one!


Second First Day of School

Last week was the getting used to it week for Joanna's school, so she only went for an hour a day and there weren't many students. This week is the real deal. She did great and she loved it!



This Little Guy

Is getting bigger!


Less Than a Week Left...

Until this big girl starts kindergarden!

My little helpers (that love knives)

Don't worry grandparents.
They are under close supervision.
And Leyla only gets a butter knife.




This guy is rocking a jersey his dad wore when he was a kid.


Timothy found a friend

Those girls

I found these picture among others on my phone recently. Any guesses on what went down?



Naps are rare for Joanna these days, but she caught one this day.


Last day of Vaca

On our last day, we stopped at a restaurant with a private beach.