This was a good while back, but the pics were too cute not to share.



Our little guy conked on daddy a few weeks ago. 
His face looks really rough in this picture, as we have struggled with eczema and allergies and the like.
You can see the socks on his hands to prevent him from scratching.
Praise the Lord, right now his face and body are pretty clear!
We saw a dermatologist and have been using some medicine.
According to the dermatologist, his skin issues will probably be a struggle for a while, 
possibly passing when his is a little older.
We would appreciate your prayers that they would go away quickly and stay away!


Caption Contest

Winner probably won't get anything.



Snow Day

Call the grandparents!
Tell them the news!
It's snowing!

Catch some on your hair.

Make a face for the camera.

And another in all your peanut butter and jelly mouth glory.

Enjoy your first snow.

And fall asleep watching the flakes fall.