Early Leyla Birthday

We celebrated Leyla's birthday (really) early one morning while granna was here.
She was very excited about the presents.


Cake Pops

When granna's around there are all kinds of fun activities.




Jo's Birthday Day

We were out of town for the day of Jo's birthday,
so we had a celebratory breakfast at the hotel's open buffet.
When the waiter learned it was her birthday he brought out a piece of chocolate cake for her.

The birthday breakfast was complete with gifts (and a very interested waiter).

After breakfast we made our way to the zoo for some sightseeing with some friends.

The birthday girl!


Jo's Birthday Party

We celebrated Jo's birthday a little early with some friends by going to see "Frozen" 
in the theater and coming back to the house for cake and snacks.

The cake was rainbow, since that is her favorite color these days :).


Way Late

I have been behind with the blogging scene here lately, 
but here are a few from our cookie decorating party before Christmas.
It was quite the yummy time :).