Copy Cat

The other day I was in the other room and heard Jo and Leyla talking. I was waiting for a tiff to break out, but surprisingly it didn't.

Joanna: Leyla, stop copying me.
Leyla: Stop copying ME.
Joanna: No, you are copying me.
Leyla:No, you copying ME!
Joanna: No, Leyla, when I say something and you say the same thing after me that means YOU are copying ME.
Leyla: Oh.



Jewelry Making

Jo got some jewelry making things for her birthday and everyone got in on the fun.

Even Cinderella got a necklace :). 


Feeding Timmy

I'm glad I'm not the only one that opens my mouth when feeding a baby.
This lasted for a few minutes before Leyla got bored.
Jo fortunately has a little longer attention span so she can prove to be a big help at times.
When she wants to :).



Spring is Springing

The plum tree in out back yard is blooming, and we picked some daisies the other day at the park.
Can you guess who put daisies in which vase?


My Little Bakers

We lost several cookies in the process (some to the tummy, some to the floor), 
but I have some good helpers in the kitchen.


Late, again

Some after Christmas vaca pictures

All but 2 of the kiddos