A Bunch

Again, a bunch of Tim.
This is mostly for the grandparents 
(and me 'cause I can't get enough).


Into Everything

Since Timothy has gone mobile, 
the girls have spent their days trying to block him out of things he's not supposed to get into :)



I walked into the kitchen to find timothy got a hold of the curtains and pulled one down.
He was quite proud of himself.



I have a boatload of Timothy pics here of late, 
so here is the first installment.


Leyla's Birthday

On Leyla's first birthday we happened to be in the big city and decided on Krispy Kreme instead of birthday cake.
On Leyla's second birthday we were in the states and stopped in to keep the tradition alive.
On Leyla's third birthday we weren't going to be anywhere near a Krispy Kreme,
but we found out the week before that they will ship them overnight from the big city to your doorstep!
So of course we had to try it out...

Happy birthday sweet girl!!!