Tim's Birthday Day

Tim had a full birthday day.
We woke up and he got a gift from the girls.
I think he liked the bag more than the gift.

Then we headed out to the beach for the morning.
This time we had no bearded fireworm stings. 
It was pretty chilly though.

We came back and had bananas covered in melted chocolate and sun butter 
and sang happy birthday again.
Josh has those pictures on his camera.
Then, that evening we checked out a local coast town.
The girls were watching the sheep grazing behind the fence.

Gran kept Timothy warm.

Dad protected us from the stray dogs.

Sweet little toes.

As a British lady said earlier in the day, Leyla has "broken her trousers".

Checking out the castle up on the hill.
Joanna really wanted to go to it and see if a princess lived there.


Around the House

A few from around the vacation house.
Take our picture mom!

Tim and I after the flies and mosquitoes.
Jo got bitten really bad one night and the next day we had to make a pharmacy run to get some medicine for her.
In fact, we made 4 pharmacy runs over the 7 days we stayed there.
1 for a probiotic for all 3 kids,
1 for Leyla's throat infection,
1 for Jo's mosquito bites,
1 for Tim's throat infection
Fortunately, someone shared some medicine to put on Jo's foot when it got stung.
Also fortunately, the kids all slept great at night despite all the ailments,
we had grandparents to help and play with, 
and we were in a beautiful place with no real schedule.

Crazy 8 with pop


Beach Day

We had some visitors lately and took the chance to hit the beach for a week.
The weather wasn't perfect, it rained and was a little chilly,
but we did make it into the water some.

The water was really cold this day, so instead of really snorkeling we just put our masks on and stuck our faces in the water so we didn't have to get wet.
I will spare you those pictures.
I am sure the folks working at the restaurant down the beach were quite entertained.
In retrospect and after seeing pictures of us I probably wouldn't do it again.
I did find the equivalent of 50 cents though.

We found this guy crawling around in the water and thought he looked cool.
We later realized that his white brush-like things sting when Joanna apparently stepped on one.
It was quite traumatic.


Tim at the table

This guy loves stuffed grape leaves.

I pulled Timothy's chair up to the table the other day. 
He seemed to enjoy it, but we haven't done it since because his plate ended up on the floor.