Checking out the Cats

Timothy and his sister doing some cat watching out their window today.


Joanna has come home with homework some and the girls have enjoyed working on it together.


Cats (and Dogs)

This guy is crazy about cats and dogs. Fortunately we live in a country where there are LOTS of them. :)


Mr. Daring

He wants to do whatever big sisters are doing.

Where's the toilet paper?

This morning Leyla and I were in the bathroom and Leyla asked, "where is the toilet paper?" I said, "I don't know". As if on cue Timothy came trotting in with a long trail dragging behind him. Oh toddlers. 

How We Roll

This is on the way home from the produce bazar yesterday. Leyla was disappointed because we were going home and not to someone else's house, and Tim was in major need of a nap. He also took his shoes and socks off. We get quite the looks with this stroller, all 3 kids riding, and loaded down with groceries. Pretty much everyone we pass asks if all 3 kids are mine. I smile and say yes :). They are such blessings to josh and me. We are thankful for our little crew! And I won't be skipping nap to take them to the bazaar again anytime soon :).