Saturday Morning Out

We took advantage of the great weather last Saturday morning and spend the morning out.
It was a great morning.
It's nice to get out of the city and let the kids run around and explore some.
The snow-capped mountains all around made it beautiful.
This winter those snow-capped mountains have been sweet to my soul.

A few from Leyla's Birthday Last Week

A few more from Jo's Birthday in January


Playing in the Water

It was warm enough one day for the girls to venture into the waves.
Not warm enough, however, for the rest of us.

Catching Up

Between switching "systems" for picture storage and my camera being out of commission for a while, I am way behind on any pictures that were taken by anything other than my phone. 
These are from back in October when my family came for a visit.
This is at a few old castles.
One of them is evidently where anna and elsa used to live.
They left some dolls for the girls. :)