Making Dough

Jo is a good little dough maker.
It's fun to see them grow up and learn how to do more and more things.

Just so he doesn't run away...


Making a Cake with 2 Little Ones

It's not the easiest thing in the world.
Leyla really wanted to help though.

Tim drank some lemon juice.

And Leyla cracked an egg.

Later they started to loose interest and play with other things.
Like taking everything out of the cabinets.
And Timothy somehow lost his pajamas.
Maybe a blowout?
I can't remember.

But here is the finished product.
Just as the birthday girl ordered.
Worth it?
Oh yeah.


All Done

Timothy loves his fruit snacks.

Cleaning Up

This is Joanna's idea of cleaning up.


Green Beans

These pictures are from my camera.
We have had some technical difficulties with pictures here lately,
but I think we now have the kinks worked out.
This is maybe last summer?
The little guy was helping me snap green beans.
He loves these things.

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

We have had a LOT of snow this winter.
At least a lot compared to what we normally have.
In fact, it snowed again yesterday and today.
It didn't stick in the city, but it is all over the mountains around.
It is pretty, but it is April folks.
We are ready for it to warm up.