Joanna Daddy Date

Jo and dad had a hiking photo date for her birthday.
She LOVED it.

Joanna's Horse Birthday



Leyla was wearing a headband to school so Tim decided to wear one too.
Because it was blue, and that's his favorite color.

3 Amigos

These are some fun kids.

Report Card Day

Laundry Plan of Action

The laundry pile got large (more like a mountain), 
so we decided to pull the kids into the action.
Dad gave the marching orders.

Building a Snowman

Flower Leyla

We made a flower costume for Leyla for school.
She was quite the daisy.

Super Tim!

I'm catching up some with some pictures.
This is Tim's preferred mode of travel. Flying.


Tim's first people picture

Tim was drawing in the other room by himself, and to our surprise he came back into the living room with this picture he drew. I said, "is this a person?!!" And he said, "yes, but one feets is bigger than the other feets." I still think it was a good job :).