Leyla's Fall Show

Leyla had a show for her school last fall.
She did great!

Aunt Suze Got Married

A long time ago, but I am just now catching up on some pics from Josh's camera.


Rug factory

We went to a handmade rug factory with some friends last week. 


We're Going on a Bear Hunt...

We went on a family hike just outside the city the other weekend.
The kids had a great time after the first 15 minutes of,
"I'm bored, there is nothing to do here, etc."
They found things to do.


Happy 6th Birthday!

Leyla turned 6! 
Every year for her birthday she gets a date with mom and a date with dad.
 This year we hit up the mall. 
We enjoyed a waffle, picked out a toy, and found a hat (that she liked more than the toy). 
We are so thankful for this girl!

Look at me!

Joanna still loves to climb. 

Meet Limon

He (or she, we are not sure) was our temporary guest. 
kids were beside themselves. He was too.
 He had quite the exciting week!


With the weather warming up, the kids and I had a park afternoon complete with picnic and books. 
I look forward to more of these!

Yogurt Treat

When we were at the bazar last week Tim got an extra treat.
 The lady I got yogurt from made him a squeeze bag of yogurt from a bag with one corner clipped off. 
Plain, no sugar added, thick "Greek" yogurt. 
He downed the whole thing. Yay for dairy!!